House of Rods: A Company and Product Review

House of Rods is a company focused on custom-built fishing rods with strict attention to detail. They also specialize in refurbishing old fishing rods to look brand new. You can choose the wrap colors and thread work. Chose from your favorite college, sports teams, or boat hull colors. Give them a like on Facebook at and remember, they do it all!


“The beauty of it is, we do it all.”

Chuck handed me one of his newest models: a striped bass rod with a fresh coat of burgundy paint. Tight to its base was a freshly lathed cork handle.

“Take it out in the light, and then tell me what color you think that is.”

We moved out of the House of Rods workshop and under the sun where the rod took new form. Like an oil slick atop a puddle of water, the rod took on a quality of iridescence, illuminating gradients of green, deep-blue, and red depending on the angle you looked at it. I struggled to find an answer for Chuck as I wondered how a fishing rod became the canvas for art.

House of Rods was founded by owner Chuck Brice in 2015. Specializing in all fishing rod services including refurbishing, custom makes, repairs, and anything in between, House of Rods prides itself in delivering customers an otherwise unattainable service. From 8-foot surf rods to child-sized freshwater rods, each rod in the House of Rods shop is a brilliant display of color and threadwork schemes, the result of clientele request or Chuck’s seemingly boundless creative imagination.

The iridescent burgundy rod Chuck showed me was a striper rod he was repairing for a customer who requested a full refurbish, from rod to handle. We went back in the shop where he placed it among an assortment of rods he had either just created or repaired. On another rack lay even more.

            “We’ve received color scheme requests for college alma maters, sports teams, and even the colors of a buyer’s boat hull. We’re able to produce virtually anything they want, in any fashion.”

House of Rod’s capacity for creating unordinary rods lies in its selection of unordinary paints. From plain Jane paint jobs to glittery appearances and iridescence, House of Rods can produce any color to any degree of detail.

House of Rods custom paint and threadwork


Just as impressive is House of Rod’s services for rod repair. Chuck handles everything from renewing paint jobs to repairing broken rod guides, broken tips, and beat-up handles. At the end of House of Rod’s work, each rod becomes a reflection of the buyer, who has full reign on putting personality into their rod, from handle to tip.

Exploring the House of Rods facility had me thinking. The highly anticipated striper season is right around the corner, tog are biting, and bluefish are in the back bays. It may be time I give my own fishing rod a makeover.

House of Rods will be selling custom-made rods at the Ocean City Fall Block Party on October 7th.

For custom rod requests or repairs, Chuck is always available at

Fish with personality. Fish with House of Rods!

Summer flounder caught on a custom-made House of Rod


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